METAV 2008 Dusseldorf

From 31 March through 04 April, METAV 2008 attracted more than 51,000 trade visitors from 41 countries. This total surpassed the results of the previous METAV 2006 according to the visitor information provided. There were 842 METAV 2008 exhibitors including OneCNC and the show had a 54,000 m2 display area. These pics are from previous METAV.

METAV 2008 was attended by Uwe OneCNC Germany, Stephan OneCNC Germany and Sebastian OneCNC Poland.


Here we see Uwe OneCNC Germany (right) demonstrating to customers.


TECHNI-SHOW 2008 Utrecht Netherlands

OneCNC Benelux exhibited at the Techni-Show 11-15 March 2008. The show was at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht Netherlands. There was a total attendence stated at 55,000 visitors through the doors for the duration of the show.

Show was attended by Neil OneCNC Benelux, Erwin OneCNC Benelux, and also Uwe OneCNC Germany.


Here Neil OneCNC Benelux (right) is demonstration the features of OneCNC to a customer.


Here we see Uwe OneCNC Germany (middle) providing a demonstration for 2 customers.


OneCNCXR3 Releases High Speed Performance machining

OneCNCXR3 the next generation of our popular program is about to surface. OneCNCXR3 is about delivering an even greater level of technology to provide a new level of efficiency for the user.

A new discussion forum has been opened in preparation for the release of information about this exciting new product range.

We expect to release OneCNCXR3 milling versions during the next month

OneCNCXR3 brings with it a new level of machining performance. Designed for new and existing machines has proven to supply an efficiency gain of 40% on existing CNC machine equipment.



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